Workshops & Lessons

Small Group Workshops

Small group workshops are for learners in similar grades. Our course content helps learners identify their optimal learning styles and teaches them the methods and skills they need to optimise their individual potential. Learners will gain confidence and learn to study independently.

Course Outline: Assessment of personal learning styles, technique training, concept maps, mind maps, point form summaries, flash cards, test preparation, time management.

First Saturday of each month from 8:30am-11:30pm or 1:30-4:30 in Cape Town

Cost: R900 per learner

Venue is usually at the home of one of the participants

Individual Lessons

Individual Course

4 week study skills course

Consists of 4 lessons of 50 minutes each.


Assessment of personal learning style & study technique training, including concept maps, mind maps, point form summaries, flash cards, test preparation and time management.

Individual Tutoring

subject-based tutoring & test preparation

One-on-one lessons are available for students during the week, in the afternoons. 

School Workshops

enhancing full learning potential

A series of creative workshops to motivate Primary and High School learners to discover new and interesting ways of enhancing their full learning potential. Fun and lively course content to keep learners engaged. We have run successful workshops at Reddam, Elkanah House, SACS, CBC St. John’s, SBF (Student’s for a Better Future), and Rondebosch.

Parent-learner Workshops

school organised

A truly enlightening afternoon spent discovering the learning styles of parents and their children. Includes technique training in concept maps, mind maps, point-form summaries and flash cards. Tips are given throughout the workshop for how parents can assist at home and how to build healthy studying relationships with their child.

COST: R350 per family

Class Workshops

school / parent funded

Workshops can be held during the school day as part of the Life orientation programme (school-funded) or on a Saturday morning or afternoon in the school hall (parent-funded).

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