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Master Study Skills for School Learners

Grade 4 – 12

Complete Study Skills Course

R450 per learner 

This course is applicable for ALL school learners (Grade 4 -12). The course helps you understand how your brain works, assesses your preferred learning style, and teaches different study techniques. The course helps improve comprehension, summarising and memory/recall. If you are finding it difficult to study or if you just want to improve your study tool skill set, this course is for you. We have included a really helpful workbook where you can practice what you have learnt. We suggest you print the workbook before you start.

Identify Your Unique Learning Style

Grade 4 – 12

Module 1 of Master Course 

R150 per learner

This course on learning style preferences will help you understand how your unique brain works. It includes assessments for identifying your hemispheric dominance, whether you are a visual, auditory or kinaesthetic learner, which of Gardner’s 8 Multiple Intelligence’s you are strongest in, what your concentration span is and how that affects your learning, and what improvements you can make to your study environment to ensure effective and distraction free learning. After this course you will have a far better idea of what study methods would work best for you as well as how you can use both sides of your brain to optimize your study time.

Master Effective Study Notes

Grade 4 – 12

Module 2 of Master Course 

R150 per learner

This course focuses on how to make effective study notes. A number of different study techniques are explained including: how to find the main idea in a topic / paragraph of information,  how to summarise effectively ensuring only the main important facts are included, word webs, thinking maps, flashcards, point form summaries, tables, and finding your own creative study techniques. At the end of the course, you should have a great study tool kit for tests and exams that will make studying fun and much easier!

Master Planning and Get Organised

Grade 4 – 12

Module 3 of Master Course

R150 per learner 

This course aims to teach learners how to become great planners and prioritise. This is especially important in today’s world where schedules are full and there is no free capacity. The course includes daily, weekly and termly planning, how to create exam time tables, and how to prioritise. Staying focused, organised and setting goals are all important components of effective studying. This course helps you achieve the goals you set by applying these principles to manage your life.

Read with Understanding

Grade 4 – 12

Module 4 of Master Course 

R150 per learner

This course will look at how to read to succeed. Learners often read a paragraph or piece of information and do not understand what they have read. It is challenging for them to find the main points and important facts. This course will help them to do this. It includes why reading is so essential, how to use the SQR3 reading method, and how to find the main idea / fact and summarise these. Learners often make mistakes by not reading the question correctly in tests. This course will teach you how you need to answer questions. After this course, learners will have a better understanding of how to read with understanding.

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