Grade 7 Social Science Mind Maps eWorkbook (Downloadable PDF)


This is a downloadable PDF eWorkbook for Grade 7 Social Sciences.

It covers the whole year’s syllabus. The book is made up of mind maps for each topic in the textbook. Learners will use the structure of the mind map as part of their study time. The aim is for the learner to summarise using keywords and pictures. They will end up with a colourful and memorable mind map for each topic they are revising for.

There is a section on Geography and History.

Geography includes:

  1. Map Skills
  2. Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Floods
  3. Population Growth and Change
  4. Natural Resources and Conservation in South Africa

History includes:

  1. Kingdom of Mali and the City of Timbuktu
  2. The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade
  3. Colonisation of the Cape
  4. The Frontiers of the Cape Colony (19th Century)

Please view a detailed table of contents in the product images.